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Mission of Embassy Freight Services Northern Europe

Binding our European strengths

  • This strategic position now built out in Northern Europe, allows us to offer our services as an efficient and reliable partner in each major seaport or airport  (Amsterdam – Antwerp – London – Frankfurt – Hamburg/Bremerhaven – Heathrow – Paris – Rotterdam)
  • With the different  European offices we can combine strong expertise and a diversified know how (e.g. Defence, Events, E-commerce, Projects, Dangerous cargo, etc…)
  • Smart shipping reflected in one group
    • We are connected to one uniform IT network, but provide specific modules and IT-solutions to our different offices because each country still has its own particularities and regulations.
    • As we act as one group we can invest in developments regarding our IT related matters,  such as Track & Trace, document interchange, pricing,  … always under consideration that each customers must be served on an individual basis and to his specific needs.
    • As one group we can centralise our ‘buying potential’, obtain the most competitive rates for our clients out of the market.
  • Embassy Freight Services Northern Europe is attending regularly large international conferences such as WCA Project Hamburg. This way contacts within the larger Networks can be maintained and improved, logistic issues can be discussed on a professional and one to one basis.
  • Internally, experienced staff builds out young and motivated forwarders, moreover needs to keep up with all relevant information emerging from the nowadays fast developing markets.

Logistic services adjusted to the needs of every customer.

Embassy Freight Services Northern Europe is aware that each client, each transport is unique, needs to be attended to with all possible care.

The separate entities in our structure are of a scale that allows to still assure an individual approach and maintain the personal contact with each of our estimated clients.

Every progress in the logistical chain will be followed and communicated on this same and personal basis, aiming to bring with each different occasion the given task to a ready and effective end.

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Yours truly,
European CEO
Stephan De Pauw

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